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  • how to preserve flowers

    Preserving Flowers

    To preserve flowers, it is imperative that you put the flowers into some water as soon as you get them home or as soon as they are delivered to your flower arranging studio if you are a professional florist, which is simply common sense for someone who likes to do flower arranging as a hobby and for someone who is a fulltime professional florist. Your buckets, or containers, or vases should be filled with tepid water. Then be sure to add the floral preservatives and finally place your flowers accordingly. Read more...

  • flower bouquets

    Flower Bouquets

    Everyone likes to be given a bouquet of flowers. Apart from the warm feelings we get when we are given flowers, flowers can boost our moods and can be an amazing decor for our homes, weddings or any other situation we might want to engage in. Read more...

  • flower baskets

    Flower Basket Arrangements

    Although flowers have the ability to open doors for positive emotions and make lighten your home, arranging flowers can seem a bit difficult and tedious. We have listed some stress-free tips below to help you go through your flower arrangement conveniently. Read more...

  • flower arrangements

    Flower Arrangements

    Floral flower arrangements that look nice and professional cannot just be thrown together. Flower arranging requires an eye for beauty, balance and finesse. This is especially true of wedding flowers, when working with delicate roses and dainty lilies. When you are designing arrangements of Mother’s Day flowers, birthday flowers, wedding flowers and flowers for other occasions, these tips will help you in design, color schemes, styling and solidarity for the arrangements. Read more...

  • flowers for the home

    Flower Arrangements for the Home

    Sideboard showstopper

    This is an uneven mixture of flowers that creates an outstanding statement. Start with a short and wide vessel so that there is enough base for the tall flowers and enough support for the low ones. Secure the flowers by using a floral foam which has been cut to fit the container and has been soaked in water. Read more...