flowers for the home

Flower Arrangements for the Home

Sideboard showstopper

This is an uneven mixture of flowers that creates an outstanding statement. Start with a short and wide vessel so that there is enough base for the tall flowers and enough support for the low ones. Secure the flowers by using a floral foam which has been cut to fit the container and has been soaked in water.

First use leaves and bigger blooms cut in random sizes so that they can form a wavy arc or outline. Fill the inner circle with soft flowers, keeping one side dense and the other spacious. Use cascading stems to fill the edges or the most outer circle.

Store-bought bunch

This is very easy to arrange and gives the aura of simplicity. First get a set of cylinder vessels that are opaque enough to hide the stems of the flowers, but still transparent enough to show the profiles. Purchase a bouquet, any bloom will be suitable. Discard all greeny substance and trim the stems so that their bloom is just above the rim of the vessel. then arrange the the flowers by colours into the different cylinder vessels after they have been filled with water. If the flowers spread out too much because of the wideness of the cylinder vessels, then using a rubber band to tie them together would be a solution.

Wide and Woodsy Arrangement

This is suitable in a slightly dark environment and it creates a mody environment. It is a combination of buds and berries and a narrow booms in a wide vessel that has a narrow rim. The vessel is very opaque with a small opening so that it supports the tall flowers that would protrude out. Cut the flowers at varying lengths and let them spread out.

The role of colours when arranging your flowers is highly important as they have an impact in the presentation and appearance of your arranged flowers.