flower arrangements

Flower Arrangements

Floral flower arrangements that look nice and professional cannot just be thrown together. Flower arranging requires an eye for beauty, balance and finesse. This is especially true of wedding flowers, when working with delicate roses and dainty lilies. When you are designing arrangements of Mother’s Day flowers, birthday flowers, wedding flowers and flowers for other occasions, these tips will help you in design, color schemes, styling and solidarity for the arrangements.

Use warm water to aid tightly shut flower blooms, such as roses or ranunculus and the like, to open more fully. You can leave them in the water for up to two days before using them.
Implementing the usage of florist’s foam will ensure that the flowers are kept in place and that they remain continuously hydrated in order to preserve the lifespan of the lovely flowers. The foam should be soaked at least fifteen minutes prior to the time that you go about cutting it to fit it to the container that you have chosen for the design of your floral arrangement. Be sure to water the foam every few days.
It is important for you to recut the stems of the flowers before you add them to the design of your floral arrangement. Be sure to take care to strip away any of the remaining leaves that fall below the water line, as they will rot if they sink below the water line and will cause a nasty slime and unpleasant stench that professional florists are careful to avoid at all times.
You should place large, heavy flowers by first turning about the floral arrangement as you are working to provide for the assurance that there is equal and even placement of the flowers in the arrangement on all the sides and contours involved. Then the next phase is to fill in the spaces with smaller and airier blooms of flower, while still making sure to leave enough space between the stems; so that individual flowers have room to show forth their glory, beauty and splendor. It is considered a good idea to implement the inclusion of flowers which possess various shapes and stem lengths.
The bouquet should be at least one and a half times taller than the container that it is sitting in. The width should also be balanced in proportion to the height for that polished look. This applies to bouquets and arrangements that are for the home and that are also used at special events, such as weddings, business functions, anniversaries, etc.
Similar colors with various textures make a lovely monochromatic arrangement that is interesting to look at and that makes an elegant style for any party or function. For instance, this can be accomplished with shades of greens, reds and gold for Christmas arrangements. Pinks and lilacs are pretty for a spring wedding. Yellows and pinks are pretty for a baby shower when the baby is a little girl. Ivory and mint greens or baby blues are nice when the baby is a boy.
You do not have to toss away the larger leaves and stems with leave on them. They can be used to fill in around the flowers as every arrangement does need to be finished off with some nice greenery, even if it is an arrangement that will be used as a home decoration. Even take the liberty to drape some of the greenery over the rim of the container for a dramatic look and that says rich luxury.
Always be sure to keep flowers away from the sunlight and away from any heating vents, so they do not dry out and die. Be sure to recut stems and to add more water quite frequently to preserve the lifepsan of the flowers for maximum enjoyment.
Also to keep up to date with the most popular trends for various flower arrangements for the different seasons and many occasions throughout the year, make sure to take time to look at flowers online.