how to preserve flowers

Preserving Flowers

To preserve flowers, it is imperative that you put the flowers into some water as soon as you get them home or as soon as they are delivered to your flower arranging studio if you are a professional florist, which is simply common sense for someone who likes to do flower arranging as a hobby and for someone who is a fulltime professional florist. Your buckets, or containers, or vases should be filled with tepid water. Then be sure to add the floral preservatives and finally place your flowers accordingly.

Make sure that you do not skip this important step of cutting an inch from the stems of the bunch of flowers that you will use to make a bouquet of flowers or a floral arrangement. This step can be performed with the usage of a sharp knife. This step is deemed vitally important especially if the flowers will be sitting somewhat a while prior to being arranged for a bouquet or other type of floral arrangement. The fresh cut to the stems of the flowers will provide you with the assurance that the stems of the flowers will be able to have much better water absorption, which will prove to be a real benefit to sustain a longer lifespan for the flowers that you will be using in your various projects. This is very relevant also if the flowers must travel some distance when you are offering flower delivery.